Using Trello to help track my productivity for goals and tasks

I don’t have a whole lot of time today to blog, so this is going to be pretty short but hopefully sweet and useful, too.  Yesterday I blogged about coming up with a point system and gamifying how I accomplish goals and tasks.  Later that night I was thinking about options for how I track tasks — I thought about a spreadsheet (a little cumbersome), or Day One (cloud journaling), but neither just seemed adequate.

But I happened upon Trello quite by accident — actually heard it referenced on the Ground Up podcast, talking about how it helps teams and their productivity level.  So I kinda messed around with it and eventually figured out to make it work for tracking my tasks and goals.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 12-1-18, 12.28.33 PM

The app has a decent amount of configurability — the basic premise is that you have lists, and within those lists you have “cards” — think of it as a set of checklists or tasks.  And in those cards you can set a description, checklists, attachments, discussions, and a due date.

TinyGrab Screen Shot 12-1-18, 12.29.01 PM

So what I’ve done is made a card for each day, in the description I jot down my estimated points for the day, my baseline goal (of 5 points), and then edit my actual points as I go along.

I’ve broken up my checklists into two groups:  tasks and goals.  Think of tasks as the stuff that has to get done but doesn’t necessarily contribute to any of your larger goals (like becoming a better musician for example).  And then there’s goals, I think of these as the smaller goals that contribute towards larger ones (like practice an instrument, work on the podcast, or some other smaller endeavor that contributes to a larger vision).

There’s a mobile app for Trello and it works great, is super easy to use, and syncs pretty quickly with the cloud — so I can easily and quickly update things from my laptop or my phone.

You should give the app a try.  It’s free for personal use (there are subscription plans for small teams and enterprise use) and is pretty sweet.


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  1. Jamison says:

    Trello is a cool tool. I’ve heard it’s big in a lot of businesses


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