Making it count with improved productivity

I’ve got another short blogging night ahead of me — this week has been pretty damn busy both at work and home, that I haven’t had enough quality time to sit down and put together a thoughtful post, something that’d be worth my time and worth your read.  There’s no sense in me spending a half hour to come up with something half-assed and low on value.  Still, it’s a good habit to maintain.

My point system is going really well — it has gone a long way towards keeping me mindful about my time at home and my time at work, trying to maximize my efforts and see the value in what little time I have available to me.  For the most part I’ve stayed on target with my goals — I am a little short this week at work because of a few interruptions that have come my way and distracted me from the projects that I’ve been trying to crank out this week.  But by contrast, I’m on par to surpass my goals at home [it helps to add those household tasks to your list when you’d much rather just put them off!].  I’m over halfway to my goal for personal goals (and I haven’t even hit the weekend yet, where many more hours are available to me), but at work I’m only about 2/3 of the way to my goal with only one more work day left.

I know this sort of thing isn’t for everyone, and some people might even be just content with a simple to-do list — but sometimes it really helps to give yourself some goals to shoot for and rewards to look forward to.  I wish I could share some of the details of my personal goals and aspirations, but I know better than that — I don’t want the dopamine hit that you get from publicly talking about things and getting affirmations from people about those ideas.  Instead I’ve been keeping a lot of these things close to my chest, only telling one or two people mostly for the purpose of bouncing off ideas and getting perspective so I’m not operating entirely in a vacuum.

This evening I spent three solid hours working on my project, drafting up ideas, flushing out concepts, and bouncing ideas off a friend of mine.  It felt good, like I’m making some progress — but soon I need to actually start doing the work and start showing some results for myself.  When I feel that I’ve hit a critical mass of production, then I’ll start sharing the fruits of my labor here and in other areas that I share my thoughts and expressions.

This theme shares a thread of commonality from a podcast episode that I listened to earlier this week, asking the question “why are you here?”  The answer for me is a bit more complicated because it’s so multifaceted  — there is purpose woven through being a good dad and husband, some deeply held personal interests, and also providing a stable life for my family through my job as a web developer.  But one thing’s for certain, investing all this time in mindfulness, meditating on what my personal philosophy is, and practicing different facets of Stoicism in my life — it has been paying dividends as of late.  I’ve felt a lot more productive, filled with a greater sense of purpose, my seasonal depression has gone into “remission”, and I’ve felt like my attitude about a lot of things has been shifting towards a more positive perspective.



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